Sometimes clients are unable to come to our center, but we still want to maintain contact with them so we can encourage them. Usually these clients are either in jail or prison, or have moved out of the area. Many of them have expressed that it is very meaningful to receive letters and that it helps empower them to continue moving forward.

You writing a letter will directly impact a survivor and support her in her recovery journey.

  • Introduce yourself and mention how you are connected with The GenesisProject.
  • Leave no contact info.
  • Use your first name only.
  • Be mindful of how much of your own story you share. Hearing other testimonies of healing are very powerful, but having too much detail about trauma can have a negative effect.
"You all loved me when I couldn't love myself."
A Survivor
Writing Prompts
  • Scripture.
  • Biblical/God-related topics.
  • Self-worth and value.
  • Empowerment that they have the capability (especially with God) to change their life.
  • Hope.
  • They can break the cycle.
  • Getting and staying out of the life is hard, but worth the fight.
  • Most girls who want to get out of the life say it's because they're so tired.Encourage that there is a more restful life available.
  • Validate that where they have come from- and maybe where they still are-is very awful and difficult, but that it's absolutely possible for them to have a different life.
  • Whatever is on your heart!
Your Message
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Thank you for your encouraging words! After your message is reviewed by one of our case managers it will be passed along to a survivor.

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