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Sex Trafficking

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How We Help Women Out of Commercial Sexual Exploitation


Women Served:
     Nov 2021 - 13
     All of 2021 - 49
     All Years - 418

Drop-In Visits:
     Nov 2021 - 29
     All of 2021 - 301
     All Years - 3,637

Volunteer Hours:
     Nov 2021 - 184
     All of 2021 - 1,712

Recent Provided Services:
   - Job application support & interview practice
   - Baby blanket & clothes
   - Bus tickets & pepper spray

Three Phase Approach

The Genesis Project uses a three phase approach to address the complex needs of a survivor of sex trafficking.

Meeting a Survivors's Immmediate Needs

Girls come to our center in many ways. Some women and girls come to The Genesis Project center through referrals from other survivors. Many young women are referred and even transported to our center by local police or the FBI Child Exploitation Task Force.

Supporting Survivor Education & Rehabilitation

The Genesis Project provides counseling, substance abuse support, job and life skills classes, paid internship opportunities, transportation to medical appointments and court, free legal counsel, and access to educational programs such as GED completion.

Referrals to Safe Housing

We support survivors by offering housing resources, connections to housing programs, transportation to residential housing (short and long term), and ongoing support. We hope to have our own long term program for survivors one day.

Drop-in Center

The Drop-in Center is open Monday-Friday from 10am - 4pm. If you are thinking about leaving "the life", call our drop-in center or text the survivor hotline. You can meet with one of our case managers for a cup of coffee, support, and help creating an action plan.  We can help you housing, job skills, clothing, hygiene products, life skills, counseling and substance abuse referrals, and much more. If you would like to learn more about our programs and services, click here.
         Center Phone: 206-592-2362
         Text Hotline: 503-383-1695