Our Programs & Services

What to expect when you first come into the center

Your first day will look a little bit different than the typical day  so here’s what you can expect on your first visit:

A case manager will go through an Intake Process with you. If you are cold, hungry, or otherwise uncomfortable, let the case manager know. We will do everything we can to make you comfortable.

During the Intake, we will gather some basic information from you and ask you a series of questions. We will work to identify your most pressing needs and see how we can best address them.

After the intake process, you will receive a new client voucher for our boutique. You can go shopping to get some new clothing, shoes, and hygiene items!

If you need to shower, staff will provide you a towel and shower items. If you need to do laundry, staff can help you use our washer and dryer. If you're hungry, we can provide you with a warm home cooked meal.

You are also welcome to rest for a bit or start looking at resources.

On your next drop in visit, we will continue to work on your plan and help you get your life put back together.


Individualized Case Management:

Case workers will work to identify your specific needs and help you address them

Most Common Services:

  - Safe Housing Referrals
  - Apartment Applications
  - Government Assistance
  - GED Program
  - Higher Education
   - Childcare Referrals
   - Budgeting
  - Transportation
  - Resumes & Job Applications
   - Therapy Referrals
   - General Advocacy
   - Substance Abuse Referrals
  - Mentorship
  - Food and Snacks
  - Clothing & Shoes
   - Accessories & Luggage
   - Computer & Printer Access
   - Hygiene Products
  - Shower Access
  - Laundry Access


Saturday Workshops
   - Job Skill Classes
   - Art Classes
   - Fitness Classes
   - Cooking Classes
   - Music Classes

Legal Clinic

Survivor Client Internships : You pick the job skill and help with training

Support Groups

Bible Studies


Milestones and Holidays
   - Valentine's Day
   - Halloween
   - Thanksgiving
   - Christmas
   - Graduations
   - Baby Showers

Client Outings
   - Pumpkin Patch
   - Kayaking / Paddleboarding

Community Events
   - Movie Night
   - Painting Flower Pots
   - Game Night